How to write a research paper?

This year we are writing a research paper that is 25 pages long and and have no idea how to plan my work.
Should I do everything just how it appears in the outline starting with introduction and coming up to the conclusion or it is better to formulate a thesis, or to focus on historiography?
I am a history major and I have already chosen the topic but I cannot start writing.
Thank you.

2 Answers

  1. When I was doing a research, I started with an outline. Try to make it as detailed as possible, it’ll help you to understand what should be done. You can also point the time needed for each task.
    I also made a thesis statement after the outline to see what should be mentioned in the body paragraphs.
    Make a reference page simultaneously, otherwise you’ll never remember the source.

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered
  2. Start with a topic and then develop a research question. Do a research to answer it then. Find evidence and examples and assess them, proving their reliability. The best answer is a thesis, just adapt it and add supporting arguments.
    Explain why other answers aren’t good enough.
    Then write introduction and conclusion.

    Harry Harry Answered