About Academic Tips

Our website offers a platform for students to ask study related questions and get answers from qualified experts free of charge.

The specialists providing answers have multiple years of experience and degrees in their specific fields of knowledge. Rest assured, the answers are accurate.

The idea for this service was born out of the realization that even though there’s plenty of study related information online, students often struggle to find answers to more obscure or niche questions. Regular Q&A websites only partially solve the issue and user-generated answers often have questionable levels of expertise.

The Academic Tips website covers a variety of topics and fields of study, from social studies and literature, to physics and engineering. There’s already loads of content to search through. However, the best part is you can always ask a new question and receive an answer from a qualified professional in a timely manner.

The service is created and supported by Grand Dominie Limited. The company already has a large team of academic experts working on its other projects. The main focus is to keep the platform free to use, while maintaining high quality published content. To make this possible, the Academic Tips website hosts advertisements and uses the generated revenue to sustain the website and cover costs.