United Airlines: Reaction on Ticketing and Dragging Incidents

Discuss ticketing and dragging incidents with United Airlines. Provide a reaction about United Airlines over ticketing and dragging incidents.

Act as if you were a very trusted adviser of the United Airlines CEO when the controversy happened. What is/what are the problem(s)? What will you advise moving forward? Explain at length why. Map out the various stakeholder interests/issues in this case. Are there conflicting stakeholder interests /concerns? What is/are these? Upon being asked to deplane and take a later flight, should a customer who has booked the fare for the earlier flight have the right to refuse? Which stakeholder(s) do you think United valued more in this incident? Why? Airlines overbook to ensure that despite any no-shows or cancellations, any given flight will have as many occupied seats as possible because an unoccupied seat represents lost revenue. In terms of valuing stakeholders, does this strategy make sense to you? Why or why not? Was the stance of United Airlines, in this case, legal? Was it ethical?