Prioritizing Care for Four Patients With Different Diagnoses

Prioritize assessments for patients: two post myocardial infarctions, the third patient has drastic blood sugar fluctuations, and the fourth is reported to have frequent TIA’s.

You have been assigned four patients in an Intermediate Medical Care Unit. Two of the patients post myocardial infarctions at various stages of their infarctions with multiple types of arrhythmias, the third patient is having drastic blood sugar fluctuations of 218 down to 50 within minutes and its rebounds back up with changes in mentation, and the fourth is reported to be having frequent TIA’s. One of the MI patients is having some dizziness, and your TIA patient is presenting signs of impending stroke. How would you prioritize your assessments and activities? How would you describe your critical thinking process, and how do you organize and prioritize the implementation of care?