Define the multinational state.


This is the type of state in which various nations, nationalities, historically formed in this ethnic territory live together.


When surfing the Internet, one can always come across such questions as “Is Indonesia a multinational state?”. To answer this question, it is crucial to understand what this concept implies. A multinational state should be distinguished from a multiethnic state, which is characterized by the presence of many ethnic groups within one nation.

Multinational states were formed in different ways. In one case, this happened when the rallying of peoples occurred earlier than the formation of nations and before national movements for political independence were developed. Often this happened through conquest. For example, this occurred in Eastern Europe and several regions of Asia. Many people frequently ask: “Why is Nigeria a multinational state?” so these reasons explain the main cause of that. In Africa, multinational states took shape most often during colonial expansion. Typical multinational states include India, Indonesia, Russia, Iran, Vietnam, China. More than half of the world’s population lives in multinational states. India, as a multinational state, also unites representatives of multiple cultures and nations.

Existing multinational states can be divided into two types – states with the numerical dominance of one nation and states in which no nation dominates the others. Most multinational states relate to those where the dominant position of one nation is manifested. Usually, they are more strong and stable in an interethnic sense and less likely to be affected by interethnic clashes. Based on the forms of the territorial structure of the state, multinational states can be both unitary and federal. As a rule, multinationalism is taken into account in building state bodies, the formation of power structures, socio-cultural life, and so on.

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