The 20 Best Free Essay Sample Databases

brought to you by the Academic.Tips team

Free essay sample databases are the perfect solution for when you need writing help. You can use them to get inspiration, research additional info, get a reference source, or even brainstorm fresh ideas for your own work. Here’s our list of top 20 websites you can visit right now to improve your writing.

1 StudyCorgi

This site takes the top spot, even though it may not look like much at first sight. Looks can be deceiving, and in the case of StudyCorgi, it’s a good thing. What lies behind its simple look is a well-organized free essay database that has a vast number of examples on virtually any academic topic.

Clean and modern look. Wide selection of essay examples to choose from. Additional features like a built-in citation tool on every sample’s page. Detailed information on every work available in the database.
While looking through the database, we got a bit distracted by the advertisement banners. Although they look organic and are designed to match the website’s theme, it’s still something to consider. Then again, complaining about the ad banners points to the lack of other cons of this service.

2 IvyPanda Free Essays

This website is a true wonder among other databases listed here. IvyPanda Free Essays operates as part  of a much bigger platform. That means you get access to a truly enormous database, with highly detailed categorization.

IvyPanda Free Essays
Massive database, with the number of subjects alone exceeding 450. Detailed categorization with the ability to search samples by subject, topic, work type, number of pages, and word count. Citation tool available on every page.
The only thing that kept us from listing IvyPanda in the top spot here, is a few minor inconsistencies and typos across the database. These inconsistencies are understandable though, considering the sheer size of the sample collection.

3 123HelpMe

The following entry offers access to its database of essay samples and helpful writing tools. The only catch is that you have to be registered to take full advantage of all the website’s features.

A broad selection of essay examples with a unique quality rating system. A considerable number of topics and subtopics to choose from. Helpful tools built into the database that can check writing quality.
Full sample texts (as well as writing tools) are only available for registered users. Some website sections can get a bit confusing, with work types and essay topics found together.

4 StudyMode

This database has a minimalist design with a lot of content. It has quite a wide selection of categories and topics to choose from. To be placed higher on this list, this website could benefit from some extra features, like the services above.

Simple and straightforward design. Great selection of topics and subjects. Ability to bookmark samples in the library.
Bookmarking functionality and complete texts of all examples are available to registered users only.

5 UKEssays

UKEssays is one of the older services on our list. It’s been operating since 2003. The database of essay samples it offers includes an impressive selection of subjects with thousands of works available.

An abundance of available subjects. Detailed information on each sample, with the ability to cite works in a specific style.
An outdated design that makes it difficult to navigate the website. As a result, the page layout gets confusing because of the many buttons and links.

6 StudentShare

This platform offers a hefty collection of paper examples to look through. You can browse the samples by subject, document type, alphabet, and date or check out some premium works.

Plenty of works available. Ability to cite and download samples.
The website’s design looks outdated. It’s also a bit confusing to navigate.

7 AssignZen

AssignZen aims to help students and other visitors relax, while getting help from the free essays database. The website interface tries to convey a feeling of calm that is both a good and bad thing.

Solid database with well-written essay examples. The website isn’t cluttered with links and buttons, which makes it easy to use.
The collection of examples itself may be a little too simplistic. There's no categorization except for subjects.


Straight away its clear that IPL has a lot of essay samples, as well as topics. It almost feels like the website creators didn’t want to tire their visitors with an elaborate interface, or anything extra and just leave them with one-on-one examples.

There's no shortage of essays on the IPL database. There's also a references section that allows you to look through special collections, newspapers and magazines, and works for kids and teens.
Only registered users can view samples in full. The wall of links with sample titles and categories may seem overwhelming when you first enter the website. There's minimal information about the examples themselves, including a lack of previews on the main page.

9 Business Essay

This free paper samples database focuses strictly on business and related topics. It makes the website more targeted to a specific audience. This, in turn, enables the service to deliver more relevant content instead of trying to please everyone.

Business Essay
The website offers a deep dive into the sphere of business through its extensive collection. It touches upon niche aspects, making this resource a perfect fit for its audience.
The services introduced a separate section listing various companies. Each dedicated page lists quick facts about them and related topic ideas. However, there’s sometimes not much content to look through, with some companies only having one or two works about them.

10 AllBestEssays

The name AllBestEssays is pretty self-explanatory, and what you see is exactly what you get—a solid collection of essays (a little over 29.5 thousand, to be exact).

Categorization by subject, topic, or alphabetically. Detailed information on all the works. Options to download samples in different formats. Built-in citation tool.
Unregistered users can only see the first page of every sample. The citation tool only supports four formats.

11 NursingBird

Here’s another website that focuses on a specific niche. As you can tell from its name, the core subject here is nursing and healthcare. Structurally, the website is similar to some of the other entries on our list. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, as it successful achieves its goal of offering informative and relevant samples.

A wide selection of free essays on all the aspects of nursing and healthcare.
We can't help but notice that the website feels derivative of other services from our list. It's not that big of a deal, as it works fine, but maybe reworking a site's structure to make it stand out a bit more would help.

12 Essay4Business

This is a neat-looking website hosting business-related essay examples. Apart from the database itself, it also offers a selection of free writing tools to simplify any writing task.

A well-organized database that sticks to its theme. They don’t post samples on other subjects, keeping things focused and highly informative.
What this service lacks is its own identity. We've put it on a list because its samples are excellent, but apart from that, the website barely differs from competitors in the same niche.

13 Cram

Cram is known for providing flashcards for students to study specific topics, as well as offering tools to create those flashcards. The website also has a collection of essay samples.

Handy flashcards service that helps with learning new information more efficiently.
It feels like the free samples database was added to the website as an afterthought, as much more attention is given to the core service.

14 ExampleEssays

The website states that it’s been “improving writing skills since 2002.” That’s quite a statement and a number to admire. However, there are quite a few bones to pick with this free essay database.

A tremendous amount of experience, as the website has been operating since 2002. Every sample comes with links to other related topics that the current work refers to. You can download or save essays on the website.
The majority of features are locked behind the need for registration. The selection of topics is relatively poor, with no other ways to categorize works in the database.

15 OctoStudy

This lovely website with a cute octopus mascot quickly became one of our favorites. So, we couldn’t miss it on our list. OctoStudy is an excellent example of an essay database done right. Check it out!

Attractive, modern, and consistent design. High-quality examples.
It feels like the service is just getting started, as the selection of subjects isn't that big. Also, you won't see anything else apart from the collection of examples and a citation tool here.

16 EduFixers

This essay examples database covers major academic topics and provides a variety of work types. All the works are available in full, without the need to register.

Full access to the database for all website visitors. Most of the major topics and work types are presented on the website.
The website has a whole section called Essay Collections with only two entries. Clearly, it will be filled with more content soon. But for now, it looks a bit empty.

17 MegaEssays

This is probably one of the most simple-looking websites on our list. Still, it works pretty well, delivering free essay samples, just as intended.

Informative section of related samples, which makes researching a specific topic more comfortable. Ability to save essays on the website for later viewing.
Unregistered users can only view small snippets of the examples. You also need to register to be able to save papers. The website's design is almost non-existent, which makes it less enjoyable to use.

18 EssayBizLab

We’d say that this website is a direct competitor to number eight, Business Essay, on our list. And while it does some things better (EssayBizLab looks a bit more fresh, in our humble opinion), there are shortcomings, too. Still its worth checking out for those interested in the business sphere.

More updated look and layout.
In terms of content, this website won’t offer anything unique compared to its competitors. Yes, it has a solid collection of works, but nothing beyond that.

19 StudyKraken

Don’t let the name of this service scare you. It won’t take you into the dark study depths but will offer you a whole ocean of academic paper samples instead. If that’s not enough, there are various online tools here to help you with your tasks.

An extensive database that covers the majority of subjects. It’s got plenty of content to offer for every topic, making it a perfect resource for conducting research.
The design and overall feel of the website seem a bit unoriginal. As if its creators got too inspired by other services and decided not to do anything unique with it.

20 Bartleby Research

Bartleby is well-known in educational circles as the company providing students with all sorts of academic help. And this service is their take on giving yet another helpful resource—a database of essay samples.

Bartleby Research
A collection of examples on various academic topics from a trustworthy company.
Practically no categorization of samples. To view full texts, you need to have an account.