The Evaluation in Light of the Five-Act Christian Theo-Drama

Provide the evaluation in light of the five-act Christian theo-drama of one theological improvisation.

To answer this question, begin with a brief introduction that gives a summary of the author’s thesis and argument and a 1–2 sentence thesis that summarizes why you think the author’s theological improvisation is faithful, unfaithful, or only partially faithful to the five-act Christian theo-drama. Support your thesis. Identify, discuss, and evaluate 2 or 3 significant claims/parts of the improvisation. Support your discussion and evaluation with evidence from the improvisation, biblical texts discussed in class in parts 2 or 3 of the course, and the wider five-act Christian theo-drama. Is the improvisation in harmony with or in conflict with an already-written part of the theo-drama? Does the improvisation help fill the theo-drama’s gap in act 4?