The Difference Between Civil Liberties and Civil Rights

Discuss the difference between civil liberties and civil rights.

Your answer should define both “civil liberties” and “civil rights.” How do the two relate? How has each been used in our country’s march toward building a “more perfect union” and ensuring “equal justice for all”? Explain how the struggle for civil rights can sometimes lead to an expansion of our civil liberties. Have we achieved our founding goal of “equal justice for all”? What civil rights or civil liberties need to be addressed today, given the current state of our nation? Do new civil rights/liberties need to be added? If so, which ones? Do current civil rights/liberties need to be expanded or revisited? If so, which ones, and how should they be expanded or revisited? Give your diagnosis for the current state of affairs in our country as they relate to civil liberties and civil rights. Give your explanation of what needs to be done to ensure the Constitutional ideal of equal justice for all.