The Company of Event Coordinating: The Viability of the Idea

Consider a new business venture, an acquisition, a new customer segment, or any other new direction for your existing company. The company of Event Coordinating. This “new direction” will be evaluated via the 3C Model, and you will provide an overall assessment of the viability of the idea grounded in details from the 3C model.

For this section of the model, the expectation is that you will develop a detailed analysis of each of the 3C’s. The use of internal information is appropriate, but you may need to do external research or investigations to have a well-developed analysis of the 3C’s. Critically evaluate current customer segments, viable targets, and existing positioning. Consider current activities and potential new ideas in this part of the model. Remember that each tactical 4P’s must be well integrated and developed from the other parts of the model (3C and STP).