Strategies for Solving the Clinical Issue

Choose a past or current clinical problem/issue seen in your workplace or student clinical site. Analyze it, then discuss the resolution of this issue using evidence-based practice guidelines and recommendations from the literature.

Describe the clinical issue and give your opinion as to why this is an issue at this clinical site. Include a brief overview of research about the issue, and choose studies that are specific to your topic. For example, suppose the problem is a lack of reaching the goal of a set percentage of patients who quit smoking at a smoking cessation clinic. In that case, research might include the topics of the effects of smoking on body function and the addictive personality.

Give strategies for solving the clinical issue. Be specific in your choice of research articles. For example, if best teaching practices are initiated in the above clinic, research might include the topics of patient compliance and best adult learner teaching techniques. What barriers might you encounter as you plan your strategy? These might be cultural, financial, resistance to change, etc. How will you address these? Which nursing role is most appropriate for solving this clinical issue? Choose from among those listed in our course objectives: designer/manager/coordinator of care, provider of care, and member of a profession. What are the advantages of having a more culturally diverse workforce in solving this clinical issue?