A Short Story That Mirrors the Great Journey of Odysseus

Create a short story that mirrors the great journey of Odysseus. Please start off your tale with the invocation of the Muse (“Sing in me, oh Muse, and help me tell my tale). In addition, you may want to start your tale in media res (“in the middle of things”) as Homer did in his great epic tale.

The Scenario: You and your friends have traveled far from your home in Folsom to attend a football game in the outer reaches of Elk Grove. Now that the game is over, you find that your ride has left you, your cell phone is dead, and you have no way of contacting anyone that you know. It is now dark, and you must find your way back home before your curfew, which is set at midnight. Write a creative narrative detailing your journey home. What events that occurred to Odysseus can you reference in your adventure?