A Project: “My Home: Pittsburgh”

Create a working draft of the final paper “My Home: Pittsburgh.” You should write about the qualities of the area such as its history, its evolution over time, what its population is, how it is beautiful, how it is famous, the great places and monuments in the area, famous people born in this area, about its modernity, about its business, about its social life, and what may it be like in the future.

Discuss what it is like to live in the special space we call home. Consider your neighborhood, your city, your state, or your country. Consider the history of your home and the area where you live. When and why did it come to exist? How has it evolved over time? Who worked and lived there? What are its strengths or businesses? Are there famous citizens, landmarks, businesses, and more? What is your home area like today? What may it be like in the future?