Write or not to write an essay?

The teacher in history gave the assignment to the class to write an essay two days till my birthday!
The problem is, I was sick at home. I do not know now whether he gave that task to me too.
Maybe I can be free.
I don’t know what to do!

5 Answers

  1. don’t worry. It’s your birthday. Enjoy it. You can always say that you were ill and didn’t know anything.

    ElenaG ElenaG Answered
  2. do it no matter what. You will show that you are dedicated to the study and do not wait for any opportunity to avoid some task. It’s good for reputation.

    Smarto Smarto Answered
  3. I think “gave the assignment to the class” means that it is universal for everyone. I am sure that your teacher would have said if someone could not write it.

    Linda85 Linda85 Answered
  4. Stop waiting for a miracle. Of course, you have to do everything! Call somebody, ask about assignment, and start writing immediately.

    Mr.Oldman Mr.Oldman Answered
  5. B-day never means you are free not to complete home assignments. It cannot be even argued. You’d better call your friends asap and ask about the task.

    AngryBird AngryBird Answered