How to write a case study?

Hello! Does anyone here have niсe suggestions about how to write case studies?
Tips, instructions, I don’t know… never did it.
What to do, what not to do… Anything about writing a case study – a good one.
Thank you so much!

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  1. If your university (college?.. school?..) don’t have their own guidelines, search other university websites.
    Try here, I like it that its bullet-point, short, and clear:
    Also, here instructions come with samples:

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  2. I need more details. What are you writing a case study about?
    What is the subject?
    Is it college-level?

    Lucy Evans Lucy Evans Answered
  3. I agree that there should be some guideline provided by the college/teacher. It is very strange that you come to ask it here, not to your teacher. Try asking, she/he knows what she/he wants to see. In general it is simple: you need to study a case carefully, define its specifics, focus on the problems, provide solutions.
    Also, much does depend on the case and the subject. Is it a business case? Medical case? As for tips, try to avoid making it obvious.
    The best marks are always given to unusual problems/unusual solutions. But don’t make it unrealistic too.
    Focus on the problem and come up with a clever decision.
    Good luck!

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  4. Writing a case study means… studying a case! Surprise, huh? Well, to be serious, I don’t even understand what is so difficult about that. You need to read, analyse, make conclusions.
    If there is some problem to be solved (there typically is), you need to provide solutions. They can also be called “recommendations” if there is someone you can recommend your solution to.
    What’s the structure? It depends.
    BTW, here’s a tip: try to make it as structured as possible. Assists navigation if you have heads and subheads. And apart from that – just be attentive. think. Analyse!
    Don’t describe, but analyse!
    As simple as that.

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  5. Things to avoid? Don’t focus on details that are not important for your conclusion.
    Usually, in student’s cases there is something that is just screaming to be noticed, so it should not be difficult. Write a focused summary of the case (you can describe here); analyze it. If you are analyzing in the process of description, it is also OK, but I agree that many reports lack any structure, so the more structured – the better.
    If (or rather when) you find a problem, you need to propose solutions. Three is ideal (in fact, three is ideal for anything, not too many, not too few); then you need to choose and explain your choice.
    I will agree that different teachers (professors) might want different results, but this is the typical structure.
    And please, please, PLEASE – proofread. It is essential, you may write a perfect essay, but if it’s not proofread, it loses all the appeal.

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  6. i love it how you guys can’t use google

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