Working abroad

Can I graduate from law school
in my country and then work as
a lawyer in a different country?
I know that law is a specific field,
so I need to find out if it’s
reasonable to study it

8 Answers

  1. The problem is that laws vary from country to country. Therefore, your knowledge will not be valid abroad. You’ll need to study law there and take the bar exam to practice law.
    You won’t really get a job because each country has enough lawyers.

    Lacy Lacy Answered
  2. You should study international law since it will be useful in any country you choose. Also, business is getting global, which gives you a chance of employment.
    However, you should select courses very carefully because they can get useless very quickly.

    Harry Harry Answered
  3. The options may vary. Working in your home country will always be easier than abroad. First of all, law systems differ, but if you go from one English-speaking country to another, they’ll have identical systems that are built on the basis of English common law.
    In other countries, law systems may be based on German or French law.
    The biggest problem is to get working permission and be admitted.

    AngryBird AngryBird Answered
  4. I believe that if a degree is international, you will not face any difficulties applying your knowledge and skills to any country’s system.
    However, immigration and working permission are a different problem.

    SmartAmy SmartAmy Answered
  5. Nah laws are too different.

    Dolores Dolores Answered
  6. You’d better get away from the country if you’re liberal, but if you are an honest individual seeking law practice, please stay.

    Mr.Oldman Mr.Oldman Answered
  7. Not only law is country specific, but also there is a plenty of lawyers in every country, no one is going to give you a visa.

    Brut Brut Answered
  8. The only possible way is to get a job at home, make a flawless career and then ask your firm to transfer you to a filial in another country.

    Anaya Anaya Answered