Will I be qualified for the state’s financial support if I move to my relatives?

I’m thinking of going to Charlotte uni.
Some member of my family reside near the university and I’m thinking to move there and live with them.
Can the college accept me as the in-state resident or will I still need to cover the the expenses for the outer states residents?

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  1. The majority of colleges will not consider you as in state resident until you live there for at least a year. They require a student to prove his/her self-sufficiency, in the cases like yours.
    They ask for such documents as the driver license, voter registration, and tax return documents.
    Otherwise, you will be accepted like a out of state resident.

    Erica Erica Answered
  2. In example of the University of New York, one can see that the colleges require a student to live in the state for a year or more.
    At the University Web Site, it is also mentioned that a person needs to prove that there aome other reasons for relocation, i.e. employment.
    Check out the information here http://ncresidency.uncc.edu/residency-requirements

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered
  3. You need to move in with your family beforehand, maybe a few months before the enrollment to college would be enough.
    I know some colleges may offer the exchange program participation for the students from the neighbouring states.

    Smarto Smarto Answered
  4. There is no legit way for this. You will need to pay some extra expenses anyway.
    Why can’t you ask your college to shed some light on this issue?

    Made Made Answered
  5. It is a rule in every state – you have a chance to be qualified as the in-state resident only if you live in the area for the several months.

    Timathy Timathy Answered
  6. You can’t be accepted as the in-state resident. And don’t try to cheat your college administration. Move there first, find a job, and apply to college next year. Or go to your local college.

    Donny Donny Answered