What was the Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan?


Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan was introduced in the early 60s of the 19th century. The Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan included political reforms and changes in the southern states after the events of the US civil war. One of the hallmarks of this Act was its peaceful and restorative character. The Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan goals were to rebuild the southern economies with domestic resources.


The plan was proposed after a series of final decisive battles and the victory of the northern states during the Civil War. Lincoln Lenient Reconstruction Plan put the peaceful unification and integration of former slave-farming states into the general economic, political, and social system of the US in the first place. To prevent the emergence of partisan movements, the president pardoned all soldiers and supporters of the former Confederation.

The Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan conditions also included the inviolability of private property for economically well-off strata of the population. In its theory, reforms aimed at preserving the foundations of the southern community and implementing legislative practices as quickly as possible.

Lincoln’s original plan for reconstruction plan in 1863 was that a state could include surrendered lands only after the number of votes for accession among southerners reaches one-tenth of the total.

After that, senior positions and decision-makers were also elected to write local legislation. These concessions were provided largely due to rapidly growing negative sentiments among societies and ruling people of USA and CSA. However, it is worth noting that the most progressive group of republicans fully supported the presidential political measures.

One of the first constitutions drawn up, taking into account the conditions of Lincoln’s plan was introduced in 1864. In it, the southern states, for the first time, freed slaves, granted a number of rights and freedoms to the lower layers of society, and provided universal access to education. However, former slaves still could not vote, and a segregation policy was pursued.

This series of reforms, which can be considered liberal in relation to the former Confederates, was officially approved by the president, his supporters, and the progressive part of the public. But Congress ultimately rejected the text of this constitution, and also canceled the results of a local vote held as part of the Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan.

Congress’s negative attitude towards the actions of the president’s reform program is determined by the personal interests of its participants. Many representatives of the Republican Party wanted to fragment and force local elites to pay multiple indemnities.

Also, their plans included the redistribution of land allotments and their property, the seizure of local industrial institutions, and the establishment of their own enterprises, as well as the radical transformation of the southern society. But it is worth noting that, along with such strict measures, Republicans also wanted to grant full civil rights and freedoms to the black community.

Professional historians and history amateurs can only guess about the full effect of Lincoln’s Reconstruction Plan strengths because of his assassination in 1865. There are still a number of opinions that the reason for this tragic event was the results of the Reconstruction Plan and the differences that arose within the Republican Party. Also, the involvement of the former Confederates does not exclude many of whom retained their posts, financial resources, and sources of influence.

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