What is revelation?

There have been several concepts concerning God and Bible that are not easily comprehensible by the human brain and reasoning but only that God can reveal to a man from His bountiful mercy.

The Catholic tradition understands revelation in the background of God’s concern to humanity in revealing the secrets of His kingdom. The Catholic Church is much proud of being the body that carries the revelations of God in the world today, and its faith is based on the revelation that has been revealed to it through Lord Jesus, which was passed on to His disciples. Everything that had been mysterious about God, His kingdom, and other elements of divinity was revealed to man through the Holy Scriptures that are the written evidence of God’s revelation and through the Holy Tradition, which can be comprehended as the unwritten evidence of revelation. This is the basic principle of Catholic tradition regarding revelation.

“Roman Catholicism teaches that Jesus Christ revealed the Christian faith in all its fullness to His twelve apostles. They, in turn, entrusted it to the bishops of the Roman Catholic Church. Known as the Magisterium, the pope and bishops are the guardians, interpreters, and authoritative teachers of revelation. The Church refers to the body of beliefs and practices entrusted to its pope and bishops as the sacred deposit of faith. It says that the apostles passed on this deposit to the bishops in two distinct ways. The first was through unwritten means, such as the apostles’ preaching, conduct, prayer, and worship. The Church referred to that portion of revelation received from Christ and passed on by the apostles through unwritten means as tradition. The second form in which the apostles passed on the revelation received from Christ was in written forms. The Holy Spirit moved men to record a portion of the deposit of faith as inspired Scriptures. These are the writings of the New Testament.”

Therefore, on the basis of the official Catholic teaching, revelation is comprehended as the disclosure of the divine secrets through the workings Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ, and his disciples. It is through the written, and unwritten forms of revelation, i.e., the Bible and Holy Tradition, respectively, that humanity got access to the divine truths.

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