What is lateral continuity?


The principle of lateral continuity states that sediment layers initially propagate in all directions; in other words, they are continuous in the transverse direction. Likewise, similar rocks that are currently separated by a valley or other erosion element can be considered initially permanent.


The sediments of some investigated areas in geology are characterized by significant facial variability, both vertically and laterally. Dynamic interpretation allows for a delicate analysis of the lithological composition of the rocks involved in the structure of any objects. In practical terms, it is primarily aimed at isolating and tracing productive formations in lateral continuity of stratigraphic units of the section, and determining their sufficient thickness and porosity.

In combination with phase correlation, it makes it possible to determine the morphology of various geological bodies more accurately and, thereby, reveal their genetic nature. The sediments do not exfoliate indefinitely, because their limits can be controlled by the amount and type of the available residue, as well as the size and shape of the sedimentary basin. Since the sediment is transferred to another place, it will eventually be deposited.

The sediment layer becomes thinner as its transportation from the source decreases. For example, the broad area development and excellent lateral continuity of carbon content, the presence of siliceous material, and a characteristic layered structure indicate the accumulation of the sediments.

They gather in relatively calm conditions of the marine basin at a considerable distance from the coastline. Lateral migration of sedimentary deposits, changes in their regimes change only the details of the zones and do not damage the structural plan.

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