What happened during the 1920 election in America?


The U.S. elections of 1920 are recognized for their anti-presidential radical preconditions. Most of the economic leaders influencing home and overseas policy had been now not interested in the parent of Wilson, who, provided to change the freedom of the United States for cooperation with the prevailing international locations in World War I. As a result, Warren Harding, who was election of 1920 winner, will represent the pursuits of oligarchs.


In November 1920, the United States held its first presidential election 1920 because the stop of World War I. Long earlier than the election marketing campaign began, a moderately broad opposition used to be shaped in opposition to the 28th President Thomas Wilson and the Democratic Party. Wilson’s liberal gestures and sermons, which he used at some stage in the fighting to comprise the public masses, had been no longer in demand amongst the financial oligarchy. The Paris Peace Conference of 1919-1920, designed to consolidate the result of the conflict and legally bind the dropping countries, confirmed Wilson’s incapacity to invulnerable the function of supreme judge in the general area for the United States. Influential circles of the Republican Party, led by way of Senator Lodge, a spokesman for the most chauvinistic monopolists, strongly adverse ratification of the Treaty of Versailles and cognizance of the League of Nations, in which England and France took the lead. Wilson’s policy was also sharply criticized by a group of politicians led by Senator Bohr, who recommended “non-interference” in European affairs. The genuine which means of this non-interference, or isolationism, was once that the United States ought to no longer make any commitments to its European allies or the League of Nations, no longer to avert in any way its “freedom of action” on the American continent, derived from the Monroe Doctrine, and not to bind itself at all in the fighting for world domination. As a result, the political corporations of Senators Lodge and Bohr defeated Wilson in the Senate: the United States has now not ratified the Treaty of Versailles or joined the League of Nations.

The Republican Party skilfully exploited Wilson’s dissatisfaction with the domestic and foreign insurance policies of his government. The working masses have been disenchanted with the deterioration of residing stipulations and resented the anti-Soviet system. Wilson was also rejected by using those of his supporters who beforehand believed in his “14 points” and now located that he had cheated on them. Americans of Irish beginning had not forgiven Wilson for his refusal to raise the issue of admission of representatives of the Irish humans to the Paris Conference. Americans of German and Italian beginning accused him of breaking promises he had beforehand made to Germany and Italy. As a result, all this prejudged the outcome of the presidential election of USA. The Republican Party nominated Senator Warren Harding, a protege of oil tycoons, as its candidate, a general as an alternative dim political figure. In his election program, he sharply criticized each Wilson’s domestic and overseas policies. He promised to cease all wartime laws, restore the gadget of protectionism, arrange a strong navy and navy, introduce a fair tax system, etc.

The list for the 1920 election was as follows: Candidate of the Democratic Party, Governor of Ohio James M. Cox, attempting to surpass the Republicans in terms of demagogic slogans, spoke out for the independence of the Philippines, expressed sympathy for the combat of Ireland for its self-determination, etc. In phrases of home policy, he gave assurances to increase dwelling standards, minimize taxes, prohibit toddler labor and improve the state of affairs of farmers. From the Socialist Party, he ran for president Eugene Debs, who was imprisoned on charges of anti-war activities.

On the eve of the 1920 elections, the 19th Amendment to the Constitution was passed, guaranteeing women the right to vote on an equal basis with men, which significantly increased the number of voters. The election 1920 results were the defeat of the Democratic Party: Harding was elected President. He received 16 million votes, Cox 9 million, Eugene Debs only 920,000.

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