What are my chances to enter the Cambridge University?

I live in America. My GPA is not perfect (3,8). I will go through SAT in physics and mathematics.
Probably I will take part in a program that deals with the aerospace engineering.
By the way, I work for the community service and have already made 100 hours at the nursing home, and I do not want to stop.
Also, I am going to take part in the Science Olympiad.
I intend to get the pilot license. However, I should admit that I struggle with the AP classes. I did not succeed in AP world history exam last year and this year I have only AP English. This year I take AP English, Spanish 3 pre-AP, Chemistry, US History, and Engineering 3.
My plans for the next year are the following, AP Spanish, AP calculus, physics, AP English, AP government, and engineering.
I wanted to choose more AP classes, but it was impossible according to my schedule.

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  1. Your chances depend on what you want to study at Cambridge. The UK and US universities have the different structure. In the British university, you will get a degree in a very specific area. Cambridge is not interested with your GPA.
    But they look for people who will potentially succeed in the subject. For engineering, for instance, you should have at least AP mathematics and AP physics. I think you do not have enough of AP classes.
    No one cares about your schedule problems.
    Visit the website to get more information http://www.undergraduate.study.cam.ac.uk…

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered
  2. I think you just talk a lot but nothing in details. I suppose, you are not the candidate for the Cambridge University or any top-rank college. But, of course, I can be wrong.
    You can visit the Cambridge website and get better involved in the issue.

    Karin W Karin W Answered
  3. There are no chances as the Cambridge accepts only the students with the best grades.

    Katie Katie Answered
  4. No!!!!!

    Anen Anen Answered
  5. I suppose you chances vary between zero and none.

    Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Answered