Vivisection Essay Title

Hi, I’m writing an essay on vivisection, any ideas for a title?

3 Answers

  1. I agree with the previous scholar. It is a problem that comes right down to you, and very hard to think about after you haven’t been thinking about it for years. If you want to persuade the reader to stop vivisection, you can go and search the web to get inspired on the title and the arguments.
    If you want to justify it, you will want to read some academic sources giving proper reasoning.
    In any case, avoid bias and speciesism.

    Karin W Karin W Answered
  2. Depends on what you actually write about, whether it concerns cosmetic companies or medical researches, e.g., heart valves tested on pigs. It also depends on your attitude towards it. If you don’t provide some extra info, you’ll have to do it yourself I’m afraid.

    Lacy Lacy Answered
  3. Call it a medical research, and you can get away with murder, “Animal testing vs. Children testing: Pros and cons”, “The Myth of Avon Unveiled”

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered