The Updated List of the Seven Wonders of the World

Create a new and updated list of the Seven Wonders of the World and explain why you chose these new wonders and how you justify replacing the original monument.

What determines the impact or character of the work? The subject of the work consists of persons, objects, motifs, or references to textural sources that may be present. Look for values expressed; look at ways this work is perceived in the present day. Look at the process of creativity, formal training, self-taught, and socialization of artists, guilds, or related occupational groups. How do the work activities in the production of culture in terms of its ownership, value, placement, use, and the social activities surrounding the object? From what perspective do certain facts arise, and how do we come to know them to be? How does the distinct socialization of subsequent researchers affect interpretation? What about your socialization, biases, and partialities? How do they affect your interpretation of the work?