The sentence is: “the existence of numerous social groups is a fact that every individual must understand.” Should I use “is” or “are” in this case? The help that you provide will be appreciated.

I do not know how to write this sentence correctly. Can you help me with this problem?

8 Answers

  1. I would recommend you to pay attention to the structure of the sentence.
    It is understandable that you may have to deal with troubles at first, but you should try to avoid such mistakes in the future because it is easy to see the difference between singular and plural in most cases.

    SmartAmy SmartAmy Answered
  2. In my opinion, “are” should be used in this case. However, I am not that good at English, and you may have to look at other answers.

    CEO CEO Answered
  3. I think that the answers that were provided are quite comprehensive, and there is no need for further explanation.

    Iriny Iriny Answered
  4. First of all, you have to identify the subject. You must understand that “is” needs to be used when it is singular.

    ForgetMeNot ForgetMeNot Answered
  5. I have to say that this is not a problem at all. Moreover, it is not that hard to understand that “is” is appropriate in this situation.

    Sandy Sandy Answered
  6. You may try to read the sentence several times to have a better understanding of what word must be picked.

    Yesyoucan Yesyoucan Answered
  7. I suggest you look for similar sentences on the Internet.

    Sachiko Yusimo Sachiko Yusimo Answered
  8. You may have to look at the sentence that you have to write from different perspectives if you are not sure what the right choice is in a particular situation. Also, you could try to change the structure if you do not want to make a mistake.

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered