The Main Forms of Pollution and Resource Depletion

Define the main forms of pollution and resource depletion and identify the major problems associated with each form.

Compare and contrast the views of:

  • An ecological ethic;
  • Blackstone’s ethic of environmental rights;
  • A utilitarian ethic of pollution control.

Which view seems to you to be the more adequate? Explain your answer. Do you agree with the claims that future generations have no rights, and that the future generations to which we have obligations actually include only the generation that will immediately succeed us? Explain your answer. Do you agree that any pollution law is unjust because it violates people’s right to liberty and property? In your judgment, should the major decisions on pollution and resource depletion be made by government experts? By scientific experts? By everyone? You will need to provide moral arguments in support of your opinions and answers to those questions.