The Impact of Branding and Competitive Strategies on Consumer Choice

Discuss the topic of branding and competitive strategies’ impact on consumer choice and bargaining power on ECRHS.

What is the current branding strategy of ECRHS? How are the organization and its brand(s) perceived in the market? Are there any negative impacts of legal cases against the organization within the community or its consumers? How might this impact their choice of a healthcare provider? How have your acquisitions of other healthcare facilities impacted your brand image and hence consumer choice of your organization? How has your handling of the COVID-19 pandemic impacted your brand image? What impact do your branding strategies have on consumer choice and bargaining power? Who are the three largest competitors, and how do their offerings differ from those of ECRHS? What share of the market do the competitors hold? What are the threats of new entrants to the market and the organization? What is the threat of competitive/substitute products/services to the organization? What is the bargaining power of customers in the market?