“The Emergence of an American Ethnic Pattern” by Nathan Glazer

What are some of the key differences between “The Emergence of an American Ethnic Pattern” by Nathan Glazer and “Reflections on Racial Patterns in America” by Ronald Takaki?

Discuss why Glazer is upset, including the factors that are part of the reason why Glazer is upset and the role of the legislative consensus. Define and discuss Glazer’s theory. What does Glazer hope to prove with his theory? The difference in Glazer’s and Takaki’s thesis statements (state what they are) and make sure to include a definition of Glazer’s theory and why Takaki argues that it is weak. Include the three decisions that Glazer argues have shaped America’s orientation to race and ethnicity. Why does Glazer argue that these are important? Discuss a minimum of three (the choice of the three is yours) of the many “experts” (elite white men) that Glazer cites in defense of an “American Ethnic Pattern” (which includes the three decisions) and then discuss how Takaki uses these same “experts” (elite white men) in his criticism of Glazer’s theory. Discuss how aspects of Glazer’s theory can amount to revisionist history. Define revisionist history before you address it. Use specific examples from the articles, do not generalize, and make sure to follow the exam instructions.