The Careers Within the Information Technology Field

Discuss careers within the information technology field, and define the distinction between computer science, information systems, engineering, and information technology. First, define each discipline and then describe how that discipline is related to others within IT.

What roles and careers within the IT field are related to these disciplines? What tools and technologies are most applicable to these disciplines? Following your description of the different disciplines within information technology, explain the relationship between programming and scripting and their uses within the IT field. First, define scripting and programming. What distinguishes a script from a program? How would an IT professional use script in their work? How would they use programming? Describe a potential case where an IT professional would use a scripting language in their work. Describe a potential case where an IT professional would use a programming language in their work. Identify education, training, and certifications necessary for chosen IT roles. For your identified roles, describe these pieces of training and certifications using the information in your identified job postings and descriptions as a reference.