Teaching Plan With the Nursing Metaparadigm

Create a teaching plan that will meet the learning needs of a client. Make sure you integrate the nursing metaparadigm, nursing theory, and related knowledge into professional nursing care.

Identify your client and provide an outline that provides the reader with an overview of who your client is, what your teaching plan is about, and a summary of what you learned from the experience. Identify two learning needs for the client. Describe your rationale for each learning need (rationale: assessment data from the scenario). Outline specific educational content (topics) of your teaching plan (what the client should learn). Provide literature support. Outline teaching methods to be utilized (including setting & timing, type of session, and specific teaching strategies). Provide literature support. Include teaching resources (materials) needed. Provide an analysis of the teaching process as you apply it to your professional practice as a nurse. Provide a clear and concise conclusion summarizing the main points of the teaching plan.