Who teaches you if you homeschool?

If you homeschool, do your parents teach you?
Or are there online courses?

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  1. Parents can teach you if you need it; if you don’t, you can study on your own. It depends on your abilities and needs: if you manage to cover the program provided by the school on your own, why not?
    My daughter is enrolled in Forest Trail Academy, she gets the lectures and assignments, and she can ask the teachers if she doesn’t understand something with the help of e-mailing.
    Also, she is an apt user of the Internet and finds answers there. I receive the reports from the school, and that’s very much all I do where her homeschooling is concerned.

    Anaya Anaya Answered
  2. There are options. You can be homeschooled by the parents, it’s called independent homeschooling I think. Then your parents are responsible for providing you with sufficient education, and whether they do it by lecturing you or just by giving you the books and helping to understand is up to them.
    When you are old enough, you may actually study independently if your parents are satisfied with the way you do it.
    As for online courses, it’s not homeschooling as such.
    Instead, you are enrolled in a public/private school that runs this program, and you will study the way you would in a usual school, only without having to go it.
    It will set the curriculum and rules, and your parents won’t be involved in the process.

    Brut Brut Answered
  3. Online courses are not home schooling. In fact, traditional home schooling is very different from the way you seem to understand education. Google “the lost tools of learning,” and you might learn something interesting.
    Also, try reading “Dress For Success,” its written by John Molloy, and it will show you what you really need to learn to become successful.
    Don’t waste your time!
    Good luck!

    CEO CEO Answered
  4. There are different options indeed, but people seem to forget about a convenient opportunity: even if you are independently homeschooled and not enrolled in an online program, you can take separate courses (maths, for example) and finish them WITHOUT getting the diploma of the school.
    You will simply buy the curriculum, materials, and guidance for a single subject that you do not want or can’t study on your own for some reason. A very good option, by the way.
    As for being properly enrolled in a public or a private school that provides online courses, you do not have to involve parents. Also, you’ll get the diploma of the school.
    Though technically this is not homeschooling, it’s distance learning. In the case of homeschooling the diploma is issued by the parent.

    Anusika Anusika Answered
  5. Online is not homeschooling. If you homeschool, someone is supposed to teach you, it can be parents or teachers who come home to you.

    AngryBird AngryBird Answered