Should Government Control the Big Firm?

Should the government intervene to control the big firm?

Take a clear position and supporting position. Your response must include one tradeoff or drawback of the position taken. Also, read the following articles to learn more about disruptive innovation:

  • “Op-Ed: A Facebook request: Write a code of tech ethics” by Mike Godwin;
  • “The push to break up Big Tech explained” By Matthew Yglesias;
  • “Competition, not a breakup, is the cure for tech giants’ dominance: Taming big tech” by The Economist;
  • The Myth of the Just Price by Laurence M. Vance;
  • Here’s Why Uber and Lyft Drivers Are Artificially Creating Surge Prices by Minda Zetlin;
  • Also, watch “The Explainer: Disruptive Innovation.”