School or home schooling?

I feel very stressed out when I’m at school, it’s constant fear, and sometimes I think that home schooling will help me focus more on studying.
Is it really so?

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  1. It very much depends on the source of your fear. If the problem is indeed in your school or neighbourhood, or you feel bullied, talk to your parents, discuss whether transferring to another school can fix the problem.
    However, the source of your fear can be an anxiety disorder, in which case it is still better if you honestly talk to your parents and decide what to do.

    Yesyoucan Yesyoucan Answered
  2. First of all, you need to consult both your parents and your teachers about this decision. Your parents are the one who will be responsible for it in the end. I’m sure they’ll do everything to make the education the most comfortable for you.
    If the problem is in the school, and there is no opportunity to transfer to another one, home schooling might be the answer.
    And your teachers can tell you where to start and whether it will be effective for you to pass your SAT/ACT.

    Sandy Sandy Answered
  3. try being home-schooled, and if stress doesn’t go away at home, perhaps, you should see a doctor who’ll help you to cope with anxiety

    Harry Harry Answered
  4. Home schooling can certainly be helpful to have some space for yourself to get over some personal issue. In any case, you need to be completely open with your parents, they will help you decide what is best.
    Also, don’t forget to socialize, home schooling is not just about locking yourself up in the room.

    Mike555 Mike555 Answered
  5. Some issues can not be just solved by home schooling. Maybe, cut a number of classes you’re taught at school, and see if the situation gets better.

    Mr.Oldman Mr.Oldman Answered
  6. Talk to your parents and together check the laws on home schooling in your state.

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