Researching of Tyres’ Key Resources

How would you go about identifying the key resources that separate Tyres from its competition? Which key resources represent a sustainable competitive advantage and are not easily replicated by Tyres’ rivals in its marketplaces?

Analyze the case. Since 2010, you have been the marketing manager for Tyres, a well-known brand of tires for the automotive industry. Tyres focus on providing tires for the personal (not commercial) vehicle market, and you have been overseeing the brand’s general marketing and promotional activities. Recently, Tyres was purchased by Interbrand, a multinational conglomerate of consumer products. Interbrand is interested in increasing market share in all their markets, and as part of Interbrand’s expansion strategy, your new vice president (Mulan) asked you to identify Tyres’ key resources. Mulan wants you to focus on the brand’s key resources, which add to Tyres’ competitive advantage.