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Can you help me with some ideas on topics and questions for my research project on the Phoenicians and their possible connections with the media studies?

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  1. You may decide to write about the Phoenicians’ contribution to the development of media. Write how they communicated their messages to the subordinate nations to get their loyalty and subjugate their way of thinking to their imperialist philosophy.
    Another idea is to write about the lessons that modern-day media professionals may learn from the Phoenicians, like how to grab the audience’s attention, how to make people interested, and so on.

    Linda85 Linda85 Answered
  2. A very unusual and unexpected connection! Still, if you have your focus of interest at the intersection of these research subjects that seem to be quite different from each other, you need to be really creative. I think you should consider your tutor’s vision.
    If you believe that one appreciates unexpected solutions, you may want to write an ad or news about Phoenicians. For instance, ‘want to visit other lands for free, join Phoenician Navy!’ or ‘Phoenician art became a source of inspiration for contemporary media specialists’ or ‘Celebrity noticed onboard of one of the Phoenician ships!’. Have the Midas touch!

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  3. Try brainstorming on the Phoenicians and their work on writing language development. There are researchers who argue that the Phoenicians were among the first nations to create literacy as it is. Enlarge on the idea of sending message to masses with the use of a written word. One more approach is to derive some interesting facts from Phoeniciancolonial expansion.
    What they did thousands of years ago can become very successful in today’s medic environment.

    Iska Iska Answered