Research paper format

Can you help me to format my research paper according to MLA?

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  1. If you want to cite a webpage, just insert the link in the following citation machine
    They may ask you to add info on authors, date, publication title, though you mostly find these details on the web page. You can also use the link for citing books. All you need is to put the author(s), book title, date, publishers and the place of publishing into the machine, choose the source type (book), and it will do the rest for you.
    Don’t forget to cite your sources in the paper by means of including parentheses with the author’s name and the page number. Remember you can save time and space if your source has multiple authors by means of using ‘et al.’. Just add it to the first author’s name, like (Jones et al.). Some students cite their sources with the use of superscript numbers but more typically, parentheses will implement.
    After some years, I gained much experience in academic writing and formatting and even invented my own tricks. Catch my secret. All you need is just to find another scholarly article on the research subject and you may take citations from this article.
    Another idea is to use google. For instance, you want to cite certain article and you know its title. Just insert the title into google and click the blue button “cite” after the engine shows you the results. Click the shown site, and find the references in many formats. Choose the one in MLA.
    Here you go!

    Currently, I study at a State University and use these simple methods for my every paper. Enjoy!

    Dolores Dolores Answered
  2. My friend, I am sharing my best secret link for in-text and reference list citation generation
    Here, you see many types of sources. Just choose the one you need with many different options such as author name, no author name, date, no date, by editors, or only by an author…
    Then check the reference entry you have against this helpful recommendation.
    Correct the inconstancies because tutors care!
    Good luck!

    CleverHe CleverHe Answered