Reflect on the video What Is a Triangle?

The teacher showed in the video What is a Triangle has an idea of how the development stages work, and it is noticeable that she has a lot of experience in teaching. The teacher adapts to the behavior of the students and selects new approaches or methods of teaching them. Such training really shows its results, as, in the final part, students begin to understand the topic of the lesson with all the details.

Four behaviors included giving examples, challenging an idea, questioning what something means, and allowing self-research. The teacher understood the stages of development since she began with minimal explanations in order to give the students a base on what a triangle is. At this time, she used different words for one idea, and these words were suggested by the students. In continuation, she divided the students into groups and gave them an assignment for teamwork, allowing them to participate in discussions with each other as well as derive their own ideas.

The teacher noted the students who had already come up with some ideas, approached them and developed their ideas, and also set the direction, such as looking for similarity and difference patterns, being specific, looking for specific features, knowing the definitions, and studying for discoveries. She had the understanding that at this stage of development, children can already participate in reasoned discussions and have their own strong opinion. Some children even had a certain idea, but not all of them could formulate their thoughts, and at this time, the teacher guided them in the right direction either by explaining the topic or giving hints.

In conclusion, the teacher in the video has an approach to children, using different techniques and methods, which are really effective as students acquire knowledge. It is also noticeable that students actively participate in the lesson, which is an indicator of the quality of the teacher’s work. A lesson on triangles and teaching methods is proven effective considering the stages of development.

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