Psychological help to get away from friends’ home task completion pressure

Dear all, please share your experience what do I do to get rid of my friend’s pressure to complete all her home tasks.
She is using me because I am getting too troubled if she gets sad when I reject to help her.
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2 Answers

  1. No worries, my fried! I bet you have faced an amazing business opportunity. You have to read smth from Warren Buffet or Donald Trump or Robert Kiossaky to learn what to do when a business opportunity comes. She is using and abusing you.
    You are struggling too hard. Look at the situation from a different angle. Tell her that you have your own troubles and you need time and money to resolve them.
    Explain that you can help only if she provides sufficient financial compensation and if she refuses, you have the clean conscience because it was her who refused.
    If she agrees, then you are also the winner with the pocket full of money to enjoy life!

    Yesyoucan Yesyoucan Answered
  2. I can understand you so well! I had the same situation in past and you know what I have learnt?
    Never allow people abuse you!!!
    First, she does not have the right to be upset and angry if you do not do her homework. She does not have the right to blame either!!! This is her own obligation in the end of the day.
    Next, don’t do this job well if she still insists, let her get the really bad marks.
    Also, do not do online tasks but say that you did. She will understand her trouble.
    Finally, if she is still insisting, threat that you will go to the teacher.

    Sandy Sandy Answered