Photography for the Great Surveys of the American West

Research photography was created for the Great Surveys of the American West between 1867-1879. Great Survey Photographers included Timothy O’Sullivan, William Henry Jackson, J. K. Hiller, and E. O Beaman.

To answer this question, you may use the USGS Photography Library, the Library of Congress, or other archives of 19th-century western survey photography. Find one example of each of the following involvements from your research: one example of a depictive involvement photograph, one example of a representational artistic involvement photograph, and one example of a directed-reality artistic involvement photograph (also referred to as assisted-reality involvement). Caption each photograph by including the following: photographer, the photograph’s title, survey and the date of the photograph, and the source of the photograph. Discuss the photograph’s context and explain why you feel each example you selected is a good match for the involvement you have assigned to your example. Be sure to reference your examples directly.