Photoessay Ideas Please Help ASAP

I’ve got a task to shoot five photos, they should be unter one topic.
I have to make an essay on them, I live in Atlanta GA, any ideas what I can shoot?
I don’t wanna to homeless persons and buildings, that’s gross, thank you

4 Answers

  1. why shoot nice things? You don’t want to do homeless, well, there’s always gutters and warehouses and rusty trashbins and whatnot.

    Leo Leo Answered
  2. People eating street foods like pita sandwiches and falafel in the streets. People with more than one dogs on leashes. You can also stick with a tourist group and capture their faces.

    Jamal Jamal Answered
  3. You can find five cats and throw them into snow. Everyone loves cats in snow.

    CleverHe CleverHe Answered
  4. Little cute track clearing vehicles. Hot cocoa in cafeterias. People wearing big scarves and shawls. Make it winter-related.

    ForgetMeNot ForgetMeNot Answered