I want to make my parents stop homeschooling me. Please HELP!!

I study in a cyber school, my parents insisted on it.
It’s not bad, I have good grades, but I am SICK of being alone.
I feel isolated!
I’m tired of them! If I take it some more, I’ll go MAD!!
How do I convince them that this constant fear it not LIFE??
Please, HELP ME!!!

5 Answers

  1. Hm, are you saying that your parents are afraid of something? “This fear,” you say. Well, try dealing with this fear.
    Do you know what it is? Do you know why you are home schooled (or cyber schooled)? If there is a particular concern, try convincing them that it is not going to be an issue.
    That you will study well, and behave, and manage the bullies.
    Also, you may try asking an adult to speak instead of you, they may be more willing to listen to your grandpa, for example, or a teacher.
    Grasp the core of the problem and resolve it.

    Jamal Jamal Answered
  2. Prove them that public is better. Cyberschools usually have bad statistics (dropping out, graduating, college admissions…).
    Google your school and try to find the proofs that it is shitty.
    They might listen to this one.
    Your parents are paying taxes, after all. You have the right to get proper education.

    professor green professor green Answered
  3. I think you should talk to them, seriously. Tell them about your plans for college, and how you’ll be better prepared to it in a public school.
    That it will help you to socialize, that cyberschool is not as effective.
    Be confident and explain it all in a logical way.
    They should listen to you)

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered
  4. Perhaps the problem is not cyberschooling but the school itself? There are various types of homeschooling too.
    You don’t have to be locked up in the room.
    You can get enrolled in some course/interest group.
    You can simply go out, you won’t feel isolated then.

    Mike555 Mike555 Answered
  5. Did you even talk to them? Try that first and then come here crying.

    The Thirteenth The Thirteenth Answered