Need an idea for a debatable essay!

I am to write an argumentative essay so that it contains the “pros” and “cons” points on some issue.
I don’t want it to sound very ordinary, you know. Our prof says one of the best papers he has seen was devoted to the impact that porno has on the marriage.
That’s a cool point for discussion I need something equally exciting.
The deep web seems to be quite intriguing, but if anyone has some other suggestions, I will be really grateful.
PS We are not recommended to take anything that deals with weapon or abortions!

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  1. Don’t take anything that your professor is sure to have seen dozens of times; it’s irritating to comment on one and the same issue over and over again. Search the media on an ambiguous question that has lately come up and turn into your essay topic. Such as the recent scandal around the peanut butter that causes allergies in many children.
    You can discuss the problem from the point of view of both parents and producers. Anyway, I can offer you a list of some questions that can be potentially used in your paper.
    1. 18 or below: what’s the best age for receiving a driving license?
    2. Speed limits: a necessity or a burden?
    3. Schools – are they for science studies only?
    4. Can the number of students admitted to a college become a valid criterion of the high school’s efficiency?
    5. File-sharing on the Net: a convenient option or a new disaster for the world of Art?
    6. Living off the grid. How should the society treat this individual choice?
    7. Zoning laws: an essential measure or the violation of the human’s rights?
    8. Civil asset forfeiture: who is to take charge of it?
    9. Should cosmetic surgery be accessible for juniors?
    10. Political gridlocks: are there any good aspects about it?
    11. Sobriety tests: pros and cons.
    12. Should there be any penalties for those who let their kids play outside without adults?
    13. Do we want any tobacco adverts on TV?
    14. Political debates: the participation of a third part (a scientist, a political analyst, etc.), its benefits and drawbacks.
    15. Legalization of prostitution and its perspectives.
    16. Should the government have legal and moral rights to restrict any type of clothing or accessories?
    Hope that will somehow help!
    Good luck with the paper!

    Sachiko Yusimo Sachiko Yusimo Answered
  2. As far as you are interested in the deep web, you might take something connected with it. For example, you can discuss the influence the Internet used to have in the past and the one it experiences now over the lives of the youngsters.
    Speak about those cases when teenagers receive an access to some dangerous kind of information they are not supposed to know about, like drugs and suicides.

    Andy Warhol Andy Warhol Answered
  3. Cryptocurrency is a very good topic to cover. It’s spreading really fast, and the outcomes of its implementation are unpredictable.
    You can speculate upon the perspectives it has in store for the modern society.

    Mr.Oldman Mr.Oldman Answered
  4. Why don’t you take the impact of the video games on the mental health of the players? I know, it’s not exactly the deep web issue, though there is a lot of interesting statistics on the problem.
    You can employ some shocking figures and numbers in your paper and speak about the interconnection between one’s behavior in a game and their actions in the real life.

    Nilvis Nilvis Answered
  5. Cryptocurrency is indeed good and timely for an essay topic. You can focus on the difficulties of monitoring any economic activity that employs the web currency.
    What I mean, is that the introduction of this payment method might turn out to be a favorable environment for all sorts of criminals.

    Lu dzi Lu dzi Answered