Moving from the UK to America.

Hello! I am 14 years old and in a year, I will graduate.
I want to study in America. Should I go to the 6th form? Or should I complete my school education in America?
Can I go to the 6th form in the US? UPD.
Thank a lot!
My family and I have already decided that I will enter the university in 2016 at 15.

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  1. I hope you understand that your parents will need a lot of money to complete the education in the United States.
    You cannot graduate at the age 15.
    You stay in the secondary school until 18.

    Harry Harry Answered
  2. Are you sure that you want to go to America because it has nothing in common with movies?
    You should go to Canada.
    There are a lot of amazing universities in Canada and more friendly society.

    Melany Melany Answered
  3. You should to the sixth form college and get A-level. Be careful with the BTEC as it is useful only on the territory of the UK. Next year you will go through the SATI test and after that, you can apply to the university in the United States. Prestigious universities need SATII tests, and they will be interested in the GCSE and AS grades. Prepare money, because the universities in the UK are expensive.
    It is also possible to complete your secondary education in the United States. My daughter did it that way. But you can do that only if you will move with your family, or you should attend private boarding school. However, I see no point in doing it because they are too expensive. Stay in the UK and don’t worry.
    You will have chances to move to America for studying.

    Writing doctor Writing doctor Answered
  4. First of all, you should be 18 to study in the US without your family. Of course, you can study at the boarding school if you have extra 30,000 euros a year.
    Secondly, your academic credentials should be adjusted to the American system.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  5. Children aged 15 attend the 9th grade in the US.
    I have no clue how you can take the same classes as the 12th grade in America.

    ForgetMeNot ForgetMeNot Answered
  6. Aren’t you confusing terms? You should complete 6th form in the UK college to enter the university in the United States.
    Moreover, you should have more than a 100,000 dollars to pay for your education.

    Mr.Plus Mr.Plus Answered
  7. 6th form? What do you mean? We don’t have the 6th form in the United States.
    You should complete 12-13 years of secondary education to enter the American university.

    X5 Lucky X5 Lucky Answered
  8. I don’t understand why you ask such questions here.

    Sachiko Yusimo Sachiko Yusimo Answered