Money for college

I’m from the US, our family doesn’t have much money, my dad has a disability, so we’re living on my mom’s wages and government aid.
I’ve always wanted to go to college, but now I think we can’t afford it… And I don’t know if my gpa is good enough.
Is there still an opportunity for me to go to college?
Without huge loans?

6 Answers

  1. It depends on your age. If you are 14-16 years old, you can already have a good part-time job, help your family a little and save up for college.
    And there’s still a little time to improve your GPA! If you’re older, you can work full time and go to school part-time.
    It’s all up to you.

    Geya Geya Answered
  2. A lot of both school and college students have to work to pay for their education.
    I really think you can find some job that would help you.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  3. Expensive colleges are not the only place where you can get an education. Think in which area exactly you want to work, find a full-time job and attend courses at the local community college to improve your qualification.
    Talking financially, many people with the 4-year degree earn less money than certified workers from those courses. Don’t give up and start with the self-education!

    Sachiko Yusimo Sachiko Yusimo Answered
  4. Lots of parents in the US don’t have extra money to put their children through college. I myself and many of my friends worked for the local company full-time through summer.
    It’s really up to you whether you want to save up money for your education or not.

    PhD in PotatoHead Science PhD in PotatoHead Science Answered
  5. You need to find a job now because, with today’s tuition fees, most of the students work anyway.
    It’s better to get used to it as early as possible for your own good, if you’re really planning on going to college.
    Also, consider community colleges, they are cheaper and more flexible, and you can live at home.

    Anaya Anaya Answered
  6. One option is to join the military, they have educational benefits.

    Smarto Smarto Answered