Makings a list of advantages and disadvantages for term paper

Can anybody help me with my term paper?
The thing is, I have to dwell on pluses and minuses of civil rights movement or bill.
I am really stuck.
Maybe you have any suggestions?

4 Answers

  1. don’t wait until sb will do all job instead of you. Use sources from your class, do some individual work. It’s much better than asking such questions.

    Iska Iska Answered
  2. I absolutely disapprove such questions. Don’t you visit your classes? Read some books and you won’t need any help!

    Erica Erica Answered
  3. Just google “pros and cons of civil rights bill” and you will find a lot of articles about it. It is an important topic in history, be sure to find what you are looking for.

    AngryBird AngryBird Answered
  4. I cannot say something exactly, but I strongly recommend to do some online investigation. There is no doubt you will find some info about whatever civil rights movements you are talking about.

    KK KK Answered