K12 is good for homeschooling?

Is K12 good for homeschooling?

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  1. K12 is NOT homeschooling. It’s also not free.
    It is funded by taxpayer money since it is a public school program through which you get enrolled in a school in your state. This program follows all the requirements that exist for the regular schools and all the legislation. It’s just public school education you get online.
    And homeschooling presupposes receiving education at home.
    Your parents take the responsibility, buy you books and decide what you’ll learn and what you won’t.

    Sachiko Yusimo Sachiko Yusimo Answered
  2. K12 is not homeschooling indeed, it is an online school program, and your children will be enrolled in the public/private school that supports it.
    It is a regular school actually with rules and deadlines for the assignments, but it is done online, which can be useful and occasionally necessary.
    Just make sure that your children study: they will have to work rather independently, and it can be difficult.
    Also, yes, socialization can be an issue, but you will resolve it if you try: just make sure that your children spend time with other kids.
    Good luck!

    SmartAmy SmartAmy Answered
  3. I think it’s great!! I do it and I recommend it!!!

    Carolina Cat Carolina Cat Answered
  4. It’s an option, it is free, and kids do not find it too hard to study there. But mind that there will be socialization issues. Make sure to deal with them.

    Geya Geya Answered
  5. K12 is an online public school. That’s not home schooling.

    Mr. DD Mr. DD Answered
  6. what is it?

    Timathy Timathy Answered