Is this acceptable for an essay

Can you please tell me is *** acceptable in an essay?
I want to use it to signal the pause and change of setting.

4 Answers

  1. I’ve seen *** all over books, but not in essays. Try making a good title that will symbolize the change of setting, so the person reading your essay won’t get confused.

    The Thirteenth The Thirteenth Answered
  2. If it’s more than 10 pages and the setting indeed changes a lot, then there is no problem with it. However, it’s not allowed in essay requirements.

    Dolores Dolores Answered
  3. It would be odd to use this in something as short as an essay. Don’t put it, but it’s my opinion.

    AngryBird AngryBird Answered
  4. Well, it’s not really acceptable if you are writing a formal essay. On the other hand, a story allows such formatting.

    Mr.Plus Mr.Plus Answered