Is my topic for college assay good enough?

I didn’t want to use an ordinary topic and decided to create a new one but I am not sure if it is goog enough and how shall I start.
I’m going to write about experience of being a 1st generation

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  1. It sounds good but Im not sure what is it about.
    Try to speak with such people and start with the most common experiences

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  2. Is this an essay for enrollment or a usual one? Still, the topic is fine. For admission paper, write about the things you’ve dealt with (some problems connected with the topic that you solved). Include your strength and good qualities but don’t forget about examples. Tell some stories that prove that you are determined and persistent, etc.
    Evaluate some situations from the past, how they influenced you. Tell more about
    your decision to immigrate and enter this college;
    how you family treated this situation;
    what differences impressed you;
    what was difficult.
    Also try to find something common for all parts of the essay (the necessity to be brave and fight for your happiness, etc.).

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  3. Nice topic, you should use it. Don’t forget to share your ideas with the teacher (they like it) and ask someone to read it

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