Is it difficult to cover the expenses for college education?

I’m going to be involved in the two semesters program to earn a certificate.
The education costs is about $ 20 thousand, and there are no grants or financial support for students.
Overall, I need to cover this sum by myself or by borrowing money.
I have never taken loans in banks and I’m wondering if it’s a good method in this situation? It is guaranteed that after obtaining the certificate, we shall participate in internships.
Will I be too much indebted after all of this?
Let’s imagine that I have a minimum US wage work throughout this time.

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  1. It looks like fraud. A good college will not offer a year of eduction for just $20.000. It’s better to go to a public college, and you’ll achieve the good results afterwards. You can be employed and make payments gradually.
    You can save on rentwhile living at home and using the public transportation. You can have a part-time job without any problems. The school you are heading to now is no good. As a good start, I suggest you to visit libraries more often.
    It’s for free.

    Lacy Lacy Answered
  2. The different banks require you to pay the different per cent of interest. For my education loan I had to pay from 3 to 6 per cent. In case you pay 3 per cent interest it takes you longer to settle yor loan. With $21.000 education cost I paid from 50 to 90 dollars per month.
    Usually, the banks also give you one additional month to cover your loan completely. If you have a good salary then you’ll pay off faster. You need to try it because a good education will benefit you tremendously.
    But you need to be sure that your program is legal.

    Lu dzi Lu dzi Answered
  3. Be careful applying for a program that doesn’t include the financial aid option. You need to check if this school has accreditation. Choosing one of the local community colleges seem to be a better idea.
    The have the federal aid qualification and they are reliable. $20 thousand per year for just a certificate is an exorbitant price.
    For example, at a community college in Washington, you can study for a year for nearly $5 thousand.

    Nilvis Nilvis Answered
  4. You can get your general education at the community college first and then go to uni for your majors.
    It would bea smart decision. Inquire your school about the possibility of getting a financial support.
    This will help you:

    Yesyoucan Yesyoucan Answered
  5. If you’re a foreigner from a poor family, you have an opportunity to be supported financially.
    Based on the President Obama experience.

    Katie Katie Answered
  6. You’ll not survive for long while studying and working at the same time.
    You need to try work-study program.

    Chang Chao Chang Chao Answered
  7. If your certificante will not allow you to have a high salary then it’s unreasonable, and the participation in this program should be ragarded as an outside interest.

    chunkymonkey chunkymonkey Answered