Is Hinduism polytheistic?


In short, yes and no. There are indeed many different deities in the faith of Hinduism, and each God performs its function in this world. However, Hinduism believes that all of these deities are merely a representation (avatar) of one and the most famous God Brahman.


Hinduism religion has about one billion followers and is the third-largest religion in the world after Christianity and Islam. It is believed that Hinduism has existed for over 4000 years. Many people consider that the reason why Hinduism is polytheistic is because Hinduism combines millions of gods; however, it is not the exact definition of the given religion. The Hindu concept of God is complex and may be different for each individual, but it revolves around one God or higher spirit.

Each of the many Hindu gods carries one of the facets of an omnipresent God. Hindus. Followers of Hinduism believe that there is only one truth, but sages call it by different names. For example, God Brahma is the omnipotent of the world, Vishnu is the keeper of the world, and Shiva is the destroyer and at the same time, the creator of the world. Hindu gods have several incarnations, sometimes called avatars.

For example, Vishnu has many avatars and is often portrayed as King Rama or Krishna, the Shepherd. Often images of gods have several hands, which is a symbol of their different divine abilities, and Brahma, for example, is endowed with four heads. God Shiva is always with three eyes; the third eye symbolizes his sacred wisdom.

It is impossible to unambiguously answer the question about the nature of religion: the direction shows signs of both polytheistic and monotheistic religion that honors the Hinduism Brahman. Every Hindu has the right to decide which embodiment of God to give preference to, at which point in time. Over several millennia, various cultures have spawned millions of such incarnations.

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