I’m homeschooled but my parents don’t really teach me… what can I do?

I have serious problem, I think I’m not going to make it. I was home schooled since I finished primary school…
I didn’t want to but my parents wouldn’t listen… and wouldn’t teach me too!
They are not supportive at all, and I can’t teach myself, I really need a tutor… but they won’t listen and now I’m 15 and I don’t know anything, I don’t want anything, I can’t make myself do anything. I only watch TV, and it’s a real addiction.
Sometimes I feel like I have no will at all… i can’t socialize and I don’t want to, I only want TV. My sister was homeschooled like myself and she ran away and i understand why, really… what’s going to happen to me?
What can I do? You can’t get a fancy job without a degree and you can’t get a degree without proper school education but primary is all I’ve got!
How am I supposed to take GSCE’s? I will get the worst job possible and lowest wage, but I want an interesting job and a good salary too… but I can never get it because of my parents.
That’s not the future I want. I really think about killing myself…

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  1. Calm down, man! Traditional education is overrated.
    What you have is an opportunity, not a problem. It’s brain that will get you money, not education.
    Think about investment, for example. Although investment is an art, you need to study for it, and if you don’t want to study, you will only lose your money. Also, work on your social skills.
    There are plenty of ways of getting a decent salary without a certificate… and not every certificate, by the way, will get you decent money.
    Think about skills and knowledge, not certificates. Also, try to be more positive. I don’t believe it’s all really that desperate.
    Cheer up and think of a way out!

    ElenaG ElenaG Answered
  2. I think you’re overreacting.
    I know some people who would take evening classes and earn a college degree sometime after, it’s not a problem.
    You just need to gather some info, try asking in the local unis.

    Geya Geya Answered
  3. I think you need to end this by all means! Try talking to the people at school, the principal, the social service, anyone, you really need to put this to an end! It’s your future!
    It’s important!
    It may be difficult, and you will probably feel behind your classmates, but this can’t go on like this!
    You must act!
    Good luck!

    Jamal Jamal Answered
  4. You just want someone to blame. So it’s all so bad, and daddy doesn’t help you, but what are you doing yourself? Do you study? Do you search for a university? You know, certificates are not everything.
    You must also know something; no certificate will bring you the job just like that. You need to study, to search, to try again and again, and then you might get the job you are talking about.
    Of course it’s easy to blame the parents, you’re a teenager, everyone has this period. You know, it’s your life. If you can only watch TV and be lazy, it’s your fault. Your parents might not have helped you (although this essay of yours is pretty good and shows that you did receive some education), but you’re not a child anymore, and it’s up to you to improve your conditions.
    You can enter a university as a home educated student, you know. Have you even been researching your opportunities?
    Try it out, it might help.
    Just stop blaming others and think about the things YOU can do.

    PhD in PotatoHead Science PhD in PotatoHead Science Answered
  5. In fact, at your age you are not supposed to be taught, you are supposed to study and learn on your own. Sure, it’s meant to be a gradual process, don’t know if it was this way for you; you don’t seem to think so.
    But now you’re 15. Quite the time to grow up.
    So, you want this certificate. Study for it! I was homeschooling myself, I studied for my GCSE on my own; each of them can be prepared within a month if you really want to.
    Learn what the requirements are, search for the necessary info (books from the library, online info, courses) and get it! Besides, there are alternatives, if you don’t have a GCSE it doesn’t mean that you can’t go to a college. There are summer courses; you need to research this issue and think about the solution that suits you. YOU need to do it YOURSELF if your parents are as indifferent as you picture them.
    I guess you have self-esteem issues: you essay here is quite good! You can communicate your ideas, and that’s quite an achievement. I guess you need to believe in yourself a bit more. Of course, you need to deal with your TV issue too and the laziness, but it is not impossible.
    You seem to understand that the situation cannot be tolerated, and it’s great.
    Act now!
    Good luck))

    CEO CEO Answered
  6. Your parents won’t always be around, and you seem a bit too dependent.
    You just need to get up and do it yourself.
    You can do it if you really want that fancy job with good salary. If it is so difficult to discipline yourself, work to change it.
    Try making schedules and diaries and check out everything you need to do, it may help. And in general just do it. I mean, do it YOURSELF…
    You need it, it’s your life, try to realize it.
    You need the knowledge and the certificates and the fancy job.
    Don’t despair! Work to improve.
    Switch off the TV. Believe in yourself!
    I believe in you!

    Brut Brut Answered
  7. You seem so childish to me. You’re 15! You’re almost an adult. It’s up to you if you get any education now. Just get up, turn off the TV and study.
    Have you tried studying for the tests? Jeez, have you even found out what you need to study to pass?| No one will come and shove the knowledge down your throat. You have to work for that. Difficult? Sure, but it’s your life, and if you don’t want to work to improve it, you have no one else to blame. And that’s the thing you do, right?
    Just sit and blame your parents, way to go. It’s you who’s the problem.
    Deal with the problem!

    Mike555 Mike555 Answered
  8. I would say that the blame is definitely not on an 11-year-old child who is made homeschooling against their will. It is not surprising that you develop this kind of attitude: laziness comes from the lack of motivation and TV addiction is caused by the lack of education itself.
    You have had nothing to do, so you watch TV, and it is admittedly addictive. At 11 none of us can actually go against our parents – no money, no knowledge of the world, and we are dependent indeed, both financially and (perhaps most important) emotionally.
    It’s not your fault, no, don’t listen to some idiots here 😉
    Still, I agree with the others that the situation needs to be changed. What is more, I believe you can change it! I wouldn’t term it “overreacting” but seriously, come to think about it, is it that bad? You can change your life and others here mentioned the ways.
    They did not put it nicely, but the message is correct, you can change it. It won’t be easy thanks to your parents, but don’t you want to prove that you are better and stronger and can make it despite everything?
    I’m certain you’ll manage!
    Good luck!

    SmartAmy SmartAmy Answered